MN2  Arrow Pony Single or Pair 10.2-12.3hh. From £2256

ARROW (MN2) From £2256

Recreation carriage that allows the installation of seats at the back as on the wagonette or a seat behind the seat. Suit 10.2-12.3  130Kg


  • Carriage width 125cm or 110cm.
  • Wheels. Pneumatic Knobbly or road type, spokes straight or curved painted.
  • Mudguards     None as standard.
  • Brakes.  Rear wheel, stainless discs and parking brake.
  • Shafts.   Independent, T1, T2, T3,or T4 painted for single, or “U” shafts
  • Pole with rubber suspension.
  • Seats      Front.  Bench
  • Rear.   Standard
  • Upholstery. Eco leather
  • Suspension. Half elliptical.

OPTIONS; (For prices please see “OPTIONS” page under Four Wheeler options prices.)

  • Wheels.   Hard rubber
  • Spare wheel set
  • Spokes    Thin flat .  Stainless
  • Mudguards    Metal , Wooden or Steel half rounded
  • Brakes.   Front axle brakes
  • Turntable Brake. Pedal in front
  • Shaft tips.   Galvanised ,or  Stainless
  • Shafts  Stainless
  • Front seat    Wedge and flat or wedge moving to centre with flat on side.
  • Upholstery   Polonez
  • Suspension.           Air


  • Stainless front (dash)
  • Stainless side pipe
  • Stainless groom’s handles
  • Carriage cover
  • Boxes under rear benches
  • Custom shape of front dash
  • Special colour of upholstery
  • Strap on groom handles
  • Decorative stitching on upholstery
  • Decorative trimming (piping) on upholstery
  • Number Holder
  • Waterproof cover for docs
  • Metallic or pearl paint