BG350   Badger PAIRS NATIONAL 3 PHASE COMPETITION CARRIAGE. 15 to 17hh. From £5612

Badger BG350 Pairs National Level 3 phase competition carriage.  360Kg   Suits 15-17hh  From £5612

Standard Details;

  • Extendable rear axle 125cm and 138cm
  • Front and Rear Brakes with parking valve.
  • Turntable brake with pedal in front or handle for groom.
  • Delayed (Slow motion) Steering. (Sliding Tube with bearings)
  • Pole mounted on sprung shock absorber.
  • Hard Rubber Tyres or Pneumatic Knobbly
  • Spoke Straight or curved.
  • Single Wedge seat on front.
  • Rear Marathon type seats.
  • 3 Point spring suspension on front with elliptical springs on rear.
  • “U” shaft or independant for single horse.
  • Shaft Tips T1 Competition eye,  T2 (pleasure), T3 Holland or T4 Swan Neck

Options; For Prices please see OPTIONS page under “Four Wheeler Options Prices”

  • Shaft Tips in Stainless Steel or Galvanised
  • Telescopic Shaft Tip (TET) with ertalon tip.
  • Front seat wedge and flat seat beside.
  • Front Seat Wedge and flat on side with wedge moving to centre (op5). Wedge with spring underneath (op8) or Op5 and op8
  • Spokes, Thin Flat (G), Double Straight (C), Model 2//3 (E), Double Banana (D), or Flat Wide (F)
  • Spokes, Model V45 or Model V
  • Spokes in Stainless Steel
  • Reinforced slow motion steering. OP3b
  • Independent Shafts with connector and swingle.
  • Shafts in Stainless Steel
  • Pole in Stainless Steel
  • Back Supports (removable) on rear seats
  • Suspension; AIRSPR1 Air suspension on front and rear ,  AIRSPR4 Front Axle Air and rear independent, AIRSPR3 Independent Air all round


  • Spare set of wheels with hard rubber tyres.
  • Equaliser for swingles, painted or stainless
  • Stainless front (dash)
  • Stainless side pipe
  • Stainless groom’s handles
  • Stainless Bumpers
  • Stainless Steel seat frame for single wedge
  • Carriage cover
  • Additional seat for groom, dickey seat
  • Custom shape of front dash
  • Special color of upholstery
  • Leather straps on groom handles
  • Suede seat surface on wedge
  • Decorative stitching on upholstery
  • Decorative trimming (piping) on upholstery
  • Number Holder
  • Extension for back step for marathon
  • Waterproof cover for docs
  • Metallic or pearl paint
  • Groom holder on seat frame