FXH1 Fox Single Horse Three Phase Marathon Carriage 13.3-16.1hh. From £3954 (pole for pair available)

Fox Single Horse (FXH1) National Level or Pair  3 Phase Marathon Carriage. From £3954 (pole for pair available)

The Fox 4, 3 Phase Marathon Carriage is the choice of serious competitors in all three phases of competition. Stability in fast obstacles is aided by the Marek specially designed anti fish-tailing rear suspension layout.

Suits 13.3 to 16.1hh with four sizes of wheels available. Weight of basic carriage with smallest wheels is 180Kg

Many accessories and additions are available to enhance the use-ability such as  slow motion steering, and turntable brake.

Appearance enhancement in the form of stainless steel carriage parts are also available.

Standard Details.

  • Carriage width: 125cm.
  • Wheels:
    •  Hard Rubber  or Pneumatic Knobbly
    • Spokes Straight or Curved Painted
    • 70cm Front 65cm Rear Suits 13.3hh to 14.2hh, or 75cm Front and 70cm Rear, suits 14hh to 15hh.
    • 80cm Front and 75cm Rear suits 15hh to 15.3hh. 90cm Front and 85cm Rear for over 15.3hh.
  • Brakes: Rear wheel, stainless discs and parking valve. Pedal RHS
  • Shafts: Independent. Tips T1 Marathon eye, T2 Pleasure, T3 Holland, T4 Swan Neck  painted.
  • Seat: Single wedge in front, rear seat marathon type without back support.
  • Upholstery: Eco leather gniot.
  • Suspension: SPR1 Three point spring system front and elliptical rear with patented stabilisation on rear axle.

Options Available.

(For Prices of Options and Accessories please see “OPTIONS” page under “Four Wheeler Options Prices).

  • Wheel spokes , Model G Thin Flat.
  • Spokes in Stainless
  • Spare Wheel Set Hard Rubber
  • Brakes: Front axle brakes
  • Custom Pedal Position
  • Delayed Steering
  • Turntable Brake: Pedal in front or handle for groom or both . Handle/Crank in rear with gauge.
  • Shaft tips: TET telescoping with ertalon tip
  • Stainless Tips
  • Shafts: Stainless
  • Wedge with spring underneath
  • Rear seat: Removable backs
  • Suspension:AIRSPR1 Air suspension front and rear. AIRSPR4 Front air and rear independent . AIRSPR5 3point on front and air on rear
  • Pole for Pairs with Rubber Suspension in painted steel . Pole on sprung shock absorber . Pole in stainless . Painted with stainless head.

Accessories Available.

  • Stainless front (dash):
  • Stainless side pipe
  • Stainless groom’s handles:
  • Stainless Bumpers
  • Stainless Steel seat frame for single wedge
  • Wheels in Stainless Steel
  • Carriage cover
  • Extendable rear axle
  • Additional seat for groom dickey seat
  • Custom shape of front dash
  • Special colour of upholstery
  • Strap on groom handles
  • Suede seat surface on wedge
  • Decorative stitching on upholstery
  • Decorative trimming (piping) on upholstery
  • Number Holder
  • Wooden Board on Dash
  • Waterproof cover for docs
  • Metallic or pearl paint
  • Groom Holder Adjustable in 3 directions
  • Pair adaptor with pole and swings