Horse Drawn Marathon, Competition and Pleasure driving Carriages.

Welcome to Kutzmann Carriages. Manufacturer and designers of the finest quality Horse Drawn Vehicles for Marathon, Three Phase Competition and Pleasure Driving.

All carriages can be built individually to customer requirements. Therefore, select the carriage that is required and choose from the lists of accessories and options for that carriage.

When selecting the options please consider carefully the use and possible future use of the carriage. For instance, are you going to use the carriage for both exercise and competition?

You can have two sets of wheels with hard tyres and pneumatic tyres with quick change four stud hubs. Hard tyres tend to chip when used on hard road surfaces with loose gravel and pneumatics are quieter and more comfortable.

Extending rear axles are required for some types of competition. Even if you don’t intend competing in these events the carriage will have a wider market if you wish to sell it on.

Stainless steel side rails and shaft tips don’t get marked so easily in use.

Delayed steering helps get you through cones and obstacles as the wheels follow the horse more closely with less cutting in at the rear.

Turntable brake helps to stop the rear end sliding out on fast turns.

Front brakes are useful on steep downhills to help take the weight of the carriage. Although all carriages come with rear brakes as standard the rear wheels can lose grip on loose surfaces, especially if there is no-one on the backstep.

On the down side, everything you add increases the weight of the carriage.

Alternatively you can see what we have in stock that is immediately available for delivery on the page “CARRIAGES IN STOCK “.

If  something different is needed please feel free to let us know and we will endeavour to supply it.

  •  Pairs carriages come with either a “U” shaft and tips for a single horse or independant shafts.
  • Singles carriages cannot have a pole fitted after manufacture.
  • Chassis are powder coated (this is harder and thicker than the ordinary spray paints most manufacturers use) and colours can be chosen from the RAL colour chart. This is available to view on the internet at 
  • All carriages are fitted with stainless steel brake discs on the rear as standard.
  • Extendable axles are available for most carriages for Three Phase Outdoor Competition.
  • Delayed Steering is available for most carriages to allow the carriage to more accurately follow the horse through cones or obstacle courses.
  • The Fox 3 series of carriages has independent rear suspension for greater stability.
  • Competition Carriages need to meet the minimum weight requirement to British Carriage Driving Standards for national events. When considering weight it is important to realise that competition carriages that are too light become top-heavy and do not grip the ground properly when cornering.
  • All four wheel vehicles are fitted with roller bearing turntables for safety and reliability.

At the foot of each carriage page are a selection of pictures of carriages built for customers. Please “click” on a picture to view a larger image. To return to the page please “click” on the larger image.


All spares for our carriages are available and the consumer items such as brake pads and tyres are held in stock. We do not supply spares for other makes.

NO  V.A.T.


Delivery is available within mainland U.K. with the first 150miles free on most carriages.