Cruiser Cob (MXC) 12.2-13.3hh. From £2937

CRUISER COB (MXC)  From £2937

Multifunctional 2 wheeler. Suitable for sport pleasure and recreation driving. Suit 12.2-13.3hh  100Kg

Standard Details;

  • Carriage width 125cm
  • Wheels 21″x3.00″, 23 x 3.00 or  25 x 300 Pneumatic Knobbly Painted Steel
  • Spokes Straight or Curved Painted steel
  • Stainless Steel Brake discs. Pedal on RHS with parking brake valve.
  • Shafts. Painted Steel
  • Tips. T1 Marathon eye, T2 Pleasure, T3 Holland type or T4 Swan neck Painted Steel Size IS2 or 3
  • Seat. PS2 Flat Bench. Upholstery eco leather gniot
  • Springs.SPR1b Elliptical springs
  • Metal Mudguard

Options Available;

  • Carriage width 138cm £72
    Pneumatic Wheels 27″x3.00″ £34 or 29″x3.50″ £72
    Hard Rubber Wheels 75 or 80cm £34  110cm p.o.a.
    Spokes. Thin Flat, double straight, flat wide, E model or double banana £72. Stainless Steel £234
    Customised Brake pedal location £140
    Customised Shaft Size £72
    Stainless Steel Shafts £150
    Tips in Galvanised £34 . Stainless Steel £140
    Seat PS4 Divided in 3 cushions flat bench £72 . PS1 Wedge and flat on side £122. Wedge on Velcro or belt £100. op5 Standard wedge moving to centre £68
    Suspension AIRSPR2 Airsprings  £34
    Spare Wheel set hard rubber £266


  • Stainless front (dash) £443
    carriage cover  £210
    Custom shape of front dash  £127
    Decorative Rein Rail  £127
    Extending Axle £740
    Special colour of upholstery  £240
    Suede Seat surface on wedge  £120
    Decorative stitching on upholstery  £55
    Decorative trimming (piping) on upholstery  £55
    Patent Leather Mudguards  £355
    Patent Leather Dash £236
    Wooden Board on Dash  £85
    Number Holder £45
    Foot rail stainless pipe  £157
    Aluminium Box under feet- for short people  £272
    Wooden Box under feet upholstered  £120
    Box under seat  £200
    Metallic or pearl paint  £887