Freedom 12 Tourism Coach. For Pair 15.2hh upwards, or single up to 18hh+ From £10,250

The Freedom 12 tourism Coach is designed for taking groups. It can have a slide-out ramp for wheelchair access and a cover with side windows for inclement weather. For Pair 15.2hh upwards or single up to 18hh+. Standard Spec at £10,250

Lighter than classic carriages with torsion suspension. Length of back 245cm

Many options are available including lighting.

Supplied in your choice of colours.

More pictures at the bottom of the page.


  • 140cm track
  • Pneumatic Tyres
  • 25″ Wheels
  • Straight or Curved Spokes
  • Rear Brakes with Parking Valve
  • Pole (248cm long with 40cm extension) with rubber suspension and twin swingles.
  • Independant shafts or “U” shaft with choice of tips.
  • Front seats are wedge with flat on side or flat bench.
  • Torsion Arm Suspension


  • 148cm Carriage width
  • Thin Flat, Double Straight or Double Banana Spokes
  • Stainless Steel Spokes
  • Spare Wheel Set of 4 Standard
  • Front Brakes
  • Equaliser for swingles in painted steel  or Stainless
  • Stainless Shafts
  • Stainless Tips
  • Pole Mounted on sprung shock absorber
  • Stainless Pole
  • 2 Wedge seats in front
  • Stainless front (dash)
  • Stainless side pipe
  • Stainless groom’s handles
  • Stainless bumpers
  • Electrical lighting
  • Roof for the carriage-only top part
  • Roof for carriage with side and curtains with windows
  • Table
  • Sides in front on the carriage full plate with rubber
  • Special colour of upholstery
  • Suede seat surface on wedge
  • Decorative stitching on upholstery
  • Decorative trimming (piping) on upholstery
  • Wooden Board on Dash
  • Door at the back of the carriage
  • Aisle between seats in front
  • Ramp for wheel chair
  • Long cups for front wheels
  • Long cup for front stainless steel
  • Metallic or pearl paint
  • Panels in stained natural wood