MC 110 Lightweight Competition Carriage for 12.3 to 14.1hh Basic Model only 140Kg. £4302 + VAT

NEW. The MC110 uses the same technology of chassis construction as the Lightweight Squirrel carriage. This is a pair of plates made from a special type of steel, cut on a cold cut machine by computer. It gives superb strength without the weight of tubular steel. The basic carriage is suitable for 12 to 13hh with standard size wheels. With the larger wheels it is suitable for 13 to 14.1hh. Basic Price is £4302 + VAT delivered to mainland U.K. Extendable axle available for 3 Phase

Standard Carriage Details;

125cm Width

Hard Rubber Tyres

65cm Front Wheels and 55cm Rear Wheels ( 70cm Front and 60cm rear available for £130 + VAT)

Spokes Straight or Curved Coated.

Rear Axle Brakes with Stainless Discs and Parking Valve.

T2 ,T3 or T1m Shaft Tips (see options page)

Single Wedge Seat

Half Elliptical Front and Rear Suspension

OPTIONS; (for prices see the options page under four wheelers)

Stainless Steel Wheel Spokes
Stainless front (dash)
Stainless side pipe
Stainless groom’s handles
Delayed Steering
Extendable rear Axle
Front Brakes
Turntable Brake
Delayed Steering
Air Suspension
Carriage cover
Additional seat for groom, dickey seat
Strap on groom handles
Decorative stitching on upholstery
Decorative trimming (piping) on upholstery
Number Holder
Extension for back step for marathon
Waterproof cover for docs
Metallic or pearl paint
Soft covers at the back
Custom shape of front dash