SH1  SPORTIVE HORSE SINGLE or SH2 PAIR Competition or Pleasure Carriage 15-16hh. From £5099 (single) £5199 (Pair)

Sportive Horse Single (SH1) or Pair (SH2)  Competition and pleasure driving. From £5099(Single) £5199 (Pair) With addition of Extending Rear Axle and Hard Tyres it is suitable for 3 Phase Competitions.

Pair and single 3 Phase marathon carriage. Attractive weight, good for sport and recreation – everyday users. Suit 15-16hh   210Kg


  • Carriage width: 125cm
  • Wheels: Pneumatic Knobbly or Road  straight or curved spokes, Painted.
  • Brakes: Rear wheel, stainless discs and parking brake. pedal on RHS. Hydraulic valve parking brake.
  • Shafts: ‘U’ shafts, or independent with connector and swing T1 marathon eye tips, or T2,T3or T4. Painted. Shaft sizes IS3 or 4
  • Pole (SH2 only). Type op6 with rubber suspension torsion arm, Size D2 or D3 in painted steel.
  • Seats   Front PS1 Wedge and flat on side or PS5 Single wedge, or PS2 Flat Bench. Rear, RR Benches with removable back support or RM Marathon type without back support.
  • Upholstery: Eco leather gniot.

Suspension: SPR1 Three point spring system front and elliptical rear.



  • Wheels. Hard Rubber
  • Spokes,Double straight, double banana, thin flat, Model E 2//3 or F Flat wide
  • Spare Wheel set Hard Rubber
  • Stainless spokes .
  • Brakes: Front axle brakes
  • Turntable Brake: Pedal in front or handle for groom or Both.
  • Shaft tips: TET telescoping with ertalon tip .  Tips in stainless
  • Shafts: Stainless.
  • op8 Wedge with spring underneath , op5 Standard wedge moving to centre . op5 op8 Wedge with spring moving to centre.
  • Upholstery eco leather polonez
  • Suspension:AIRSPR1 Air suspension front and rear



  • Stainless front (dash)
  • Stainless side pipe
  • Stainless groom’s handles
  • Carriage cover
  • Extendable rear axle
  • Additional seat for groom dickey seat
  • Custom shape of front dash
  • Special colour of upholstery
  • Strap on groom handles
  • Suede seat surface on wedge
  • Decorative stitching on upholstery
  • Decorative trimming (piping) on upholstery
  • Number Holder
  • Waterproof cover for docs
  • Metallic or pearl paint
  • Panels stained natural wood
  • Box under front seat