Squirrel Micro. Ultra Lightweight Competition carriage. From £4560(Pairs & Single)

The Basic Squirrel Micro weighs in at only 95Kg plus shafts or pole assy. and is designed for the very small pony pair up to 8.2hh or Single up to 10.2hh. Extendable axle available for 3 phase. From £4560 for the pairs and single version. See the Squirrel in action here  https://youtu.be/lBhPua7gymY


  • 125cm Wide
  • Hard Rubber Tyres
  • Rear Brakes with stainless discs and parking valve
  • Independent Shafts with marathon eye tips.
  • Rubber Torsion Mounted Pole for Pairs with swingles and Independant shafts for single.
  • Single Wedge Seat
  • Wheel sizes, Front 50cm dia., Rear 45cm dia.
  • Customer selects colours. (RAL)
  • Rear Groom Handles


  • Pneumatic Tyres
  • Extendable Axle
  • Dickey Seat
  • Raisers for wedge seat
  • Turntable Brake
  • Stainless Shaft Tips
  • Stainless front (dash)
  • Stainless Side Pipe
  • Stainless bumpers
  • Carriage cover
  • Strap on groom handles
  • Suede seat surface on wedge
  • Decorative stitching on upholstery
  • Number Holder
  • Waterproof cover for docs
  • Metallic or pearl paint