Vis-à-vis (VV) Luxury Pairs Carriage. Suit 15 to 16.2hh. From £18142 approx. but ask for quote.

A luxury vis-à-vis traditional pairs carriage. Ideal for weddings and tourist attractions. From £18142 approx but ask for quote

Standard Details.

  • Carriage Width 158cm
  • Hard Rubber tyres on steel wheels.
  • “H” Wooden profile or round spokes in steel.
  • Steel Mudguards
  • Rear brakes with parking brake.
  • Front Seat PS2 Flat Bench or PS1 Wedge and Flat on Side
  • Swingle equalizer.
  • Rubber mounted torsion Pole in steel or H Wooden Pole
  • Leather or Ecoleather polonez upholstery.
  • Chrome plated or Brass fittings.
  • Supplied with independent shafts for single horse.
  • Shaft Tips T2 Pleasure, T3 Holland, T4 Swan Neck or Wooden 1 Piece.
  • Elliptical springs front and rear.


  • Wooden Wheels with wooden spokes
  • Front Brakes
  • Stainless Spokes in steel wheels.
  • Turntable brake
  • Stainless Shafts
  • Stainless Tips
  • Equipment for 4-in-hand, wooden with Stainless Hardware


  • Electrical lighting
  • Patent leather -shiny mudguards.
  • Patent leather – shiny dash
  • Speakers and multi- functional radio
  • Panels stain natural wood
  • Roof above the front part of rear seat
  • Wooden box case
  • Plywood box
  • Comfy armrest – holder for wine
  • Window in front roof
  • Window in the rear roof